Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software

One of the mission-critical tools for an asset-intensive industry is the enterprise asset management software, emerged in the year 1990. It covers the topics of design, construction, commissioning, operations, maintenance and decommissioning or replacement of plant, & equipment and facilities. EAM is computer software that controls and manages every part of running modern public works. They include many robust and powerful features such as flexible preventive maintenance scheduling, portal-based software interface, complete asset life-cycle management, and integrated mobile wireless handheld options as they are built on a platform with high uptime and also have the ability to handle elastic demand.

This software is most commonly used for the purpose of management and other organizational requirements. Using this software, the users can get maintenance scheduling, work orders and also can extend the EAM solution with human resources, purchasing, risk management, finance, document management, etc. It is utilized by both private and public sectors to improve the customer benefits and achieve environmental benefits. It analyzes the data and manages every aspect of functions at a high level. EAM applications include asset hierarchy, purchasing and procurement management, project management, condition monitoring, and safety management. Many benefits are being developed by the experts to be used by many clients to develop their business scale.